Dreams, dreams everywhere. Where do they take us? Nowhere.

Did you know that by age 60 you will sleep 175,200 hours, dream 87,000 hours with 197,100 dreams?


That’s an awful lot of time to be wasted by dreaming. (Actually, thats an even more awful lot of time to be wasted by sleeping!)

This is complimented by that fact that we don’t even remember most.. or in some case any of our dreams.


So how do these imaginary yet tangible dreams occur? Why do we dream? When do we dream? What happens during a dream?


To know when you enter into the realm of dream, You can go lie on your comfortable beds, close your eyes, and try to deceive sleep by trying to stay awake yet wanting to sleep. Although know this, the harder you concentrate on falling asleep, the less likely it will happen. But in the end, sleep will trick you into .. well, sleeping. And you’ll be dragged into a new world. A world where there is no audio, but only video. If you thoroughly rack your brain, you’ll be hit with the realization that, not once in your dreams have you heard a sound. Not even a whisper.

After you get lulled into sleep, you start dreaming at around a 90 minute mark, that’s when REM(Rapid eye movement) begins its gimmick. You stay as still as a corpse, yet your brain is awake and active as a wide-eyed cat. Fortunately, signals that passes between your brain and body is brought to a stop by some grateful neurotransmitters, which leaves you temporarily paralyzed. Does being frightened to death, chased by a monster, falling off a cliff, and other unconditionally bizarre images ring a bell to you? What will happen if your not paralyzed when these chaos of horrific images are running through your active mind? I prefer to not answer that question.


All of this takes in a tiny visual centre of your brain’s cortex, or in simple human words, the outer layer of the cerebrum, which is primarily composed of a sticky wary grey matter. Yet this gooey matter is the reason of your consciousness! Our body is funny that. Important and significant stuffs are concealed in insignificant parts.


So basically, medically, temporary paralysis, rapid eye movement and your poor brain trying to make some sense out of the millions of scattered images is the reason for your dreams. Medically. But that’s not the end of this story.


Psychologically speaking(bear with me for a few more minutes), your dream is an estimate of how aware you are. They come rushing to us from a little cell called subconscious mind. Your dreams makes sense- however trivial it might be- ONLY TO YOU! We human beings, although talk a great deal about ourselves, when we actually touch the ground, you’ll be shocked at how little you know yourself. You expand your knowledge of yourself through a dream, so they say.


All day long, the streets are bustling with busy people like ourselves, at the end of the day, we need rest! We need a deep sleep, but this wretched dream snatches it from us like an adult taking a toy away from a bawling kid. Why, oh why? This is because your subconscious mind has secrets( dark secrets) to share with you. Its your best friend. Your pal. It will never lie to you, it is under a lifetime oath of veracity towards you. It will reveal your present state of thoughts and expressions.


Most of us, after waking up from a terrifying or joyous or gloomy dream, we have no idea what happened. We try to trace it back. Well, DON’T! Get on with your life, reality trumps dreams.. sometimes. Thinking about it will lead you to a road of nowhere filled with nothingness.


One final fact before you start moving your cursor to open your facebook or twitter page.

Laugh. A lot. Seriously, am not kidding. 15 minutes of laughter presents you with 2 hours of sleep.


So finally you found a way to beat your dream while laughing at it!



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