Science – Weird, But makes you Wonder.

The Curious Maverick

Look around you. I bet you can see at least a hundred scientific phenomena occurring every minute, starting with, the miracle of sight, which is a spectacular in which your tiny 2.4 centimeter eyeball engulfs the light that has traveled through the cosmo for over 149,600,000 kilometers from the hot, fiery burning ball we call our Sun. 

Sometimes, your mind runs out of topics. It occurred to me today. And when i confessed this to a friend of mine, he suggested i look up Richard Dawkins ‘Why the Universe seems so strange’. For the people who haven’t watched it yet, it’s just a click away –

It was a coherent, articulated and mind-opening TED talk. Yes of course, all the TED talks are a feast to the ears, but this one inspired me. I started thinking how we have trained our mind to look at and decipher the things the…

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