A Pseudo-humongous-transition

All of my posts till now have been formal and full of facts. But i'm gonna make this one more reader-friendly.┬áIf anybody asks me what I was doing half an hour before my 18th birthday, they would have openly cursed me for my reply. Washing clothes. Yeah, me being the obsessive-things-have-to-be-done-as-planned one in my family,... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang Theory (Not the serial)

You know why I love Astronomy and Physics? Astronomy keeps reminding us how insignificant we all are, how insignificant our problems are and how there are things going on which is much greater than us and out of our control, for we are but a tiny speck in the infinite Cosmos. And Physics takes an... Continue Reading →

A feast-to-remember

Nobody likes to be in an unknown unfamiliar place which is blaring with noise and vigorous crowd milling around, constantly bumping into someone and getting cursed, unfamiliar faces all around and having no idea where you are. But what if you were one among the herd? What if you had the chance to spend 4... Continue Reading →

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