The Big Bang Theory (Not the serial)

You know why I love Astronomy and Physics? Astronomy keeps reminding us how insignificant we all are, how insignificant our problems are and how there are things going on which is much greater than us and out of our control, for we are but a tiny speck in the infinite Cosmos. And Physics takes an... Continue Reading →

Surely you must be kidding.

Did you know it has been proven that your soul is immortal? Yes! I would never kid about such issues. Take a look if you are skeptical - Sir Isaac Newton, renowned Physicist and Mathematician, President of the Royal Society, owner of 9 esteemed awards, worked for years performing and trying to perfect alchemy, transforming... Continue Reading →

Decide – Apples or oranges?

Everyday we come across hundreds of circumstances where the situation demands us to choose one of any two. In some cases, such as whether or not you have to eat that decadent chocolate cup cake, it doesn't involve much of squeezing your gray cells. You just ponder over it a minute, and finally choose to... Continue Reading →

Burden of Proof – A hefty burden indeed!

Dictionary defines 'Burden of proof' as "A duty placed upon a civil or criminal defendant to prove or disprove a disputed fact." I disprove of this definition. Firstly because, burden of proof does not apply only to civil or criminal defendant  but to you, me and everybody else(Including 'God', but let me come to that... Continue Reading →

Science – Weird, But makes you Wonder.

Look around you. I bet you can see at least a hundred scientific phenomena occurring every minute, starting with, the miracle of sight, which is a spectacular phenomena in which your tiny 2.4 centimeter eyeball engulfs the light that has traveled through the cosmo for over 149,600,000 kilometers from the hot, fiery burning ball we... Continue Reading →

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