Exciting News – A New Slack Group!

If you follow me on Instagram (@pooja_balasubs) and WhatsApp, you would know I've been bombarding you all with an article/video every other day! Better yet, this initiative got me in touch with so many people who were like-minded, enjoyed reading the posts and in-turn shared from their side as well. You must think, 'It is... Continue Reading →

Wasted Words

It was only a month away. She couldn't remember the last time that she felt such longing for an aimless day to arrive. What has marriage done to her? She was going through the old photographs when she found a hackneyed racquet at the bottom of the box. She had had her name specially inscribed... Continue Reading →

That Place, That Day.

I was having a bad day. I dozed off without completing my work, I was too exhausted and had no control over my eyelids. The bright stream of sunlight woke me up; I was late. To make things hard, Lily gave me a hard time in wearing her jeans and eating cereal. Lily. Oh Lily.... Continue Reading →

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